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Week 12: Reinardus et Ysengrimus.

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Reading Overview

Printable version of this week's readings.

Reading #1a: Reinardus et Chantecler. The rooster Chantecler confesses his sins to Reinardus, as priest.

Reading #1b: Reinardus et Tebergus. The cat Tebergus has just one trick, but Reinardus has a sack full of them.

Reading #2a: Ysengrimus et Oves. The wolf Ysengrimus is put in charge of the flock.

Reading #2b: Ysengrimus Monachus. Ysengrimus decides to become a monk.

Reading #2c: In Puteo. How Reinardus was stuck in a well and how he escaped.

Reading #2d: Pisces. Reinardus teaches Ysengrimus how to go fishing.

Reading #3: Aegrotante Leone. Reinardus finds a cure for the ailing Lion-King.


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