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Week 12: Reinardus et Ysengrimus.

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Reading #2c: In Puteo (Odo 19)

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Vulpes casu cecidit
per unam situlam
in puteum.

casu: ablative ("by chance")

situlam: here it is a "bucket" rather than a "basket"

  how did the fox end up in the well?
Venit Lupus
et querebat
quid faceret ibi.

querebat = quaerebat

quid faceret: indirect question

  who found the fox in the well?
Que ait:
Bone compater,
hic habeo multos pisces
et magnos;
utinam mecum partem haberes!

que = quae (vulpes)

hic: adverb of place

partem: accusative singular

  what did the fox say to the wolf?
Et ait:
Quomodo possem illuc descendere?
illuc: adverb of place
  what did the wolf want to do?
Ait Vulpecula:
Supra est una situla;
pone te intus,
et venies deorsum.

vulpecula: diminutive of vulpes

pone: imperative

intus... deorsum: adverbs

  what orders did the fox give to the wolf?
Et erant ibi due situle;
quando una ascendit,
alia descendit.
due situle = duae situlae
  how did the buckets at the well work?
Lupus se ponit in situlam,
que erat supra
et descendit insum;
vulpecula in alia sicula
ascendit sursum.

que = quae (situla)

insum...sursum: adverbs

sicula = situla

  what did the wolf do? what happened to the fox as a result?
Et quando obviaverunt sibi,
ait Lupus:
Bone compater, quo vadis?
quo: adverb of place
  what did the wolf say when he passed the fox?
Et ait Vulpe:
Satis comedi et ascendo.
Tu descende
et invenies mirabilia.

descende: imperative

mirabilia: neuter plural

  how did the fox reply?
Descendit miser Lupus
nec invenit aliquid nisi aquam.

nec invenit = et non invenit

  what did the wolf find in the well?
Venerunt mane rustici
et extraxerunt Lupum,
et usque ad mortem verberaverunt.

mane: adverb

extraxerunt: s.v. extraho

what happened to the wolf in the end?


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