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Week 12: Reinardus et Ysengrimus.

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Grammar Review: Purpose and Result Clauses

The grammar preparation quiz covers the information shown below; make sure you study this information carefully before you try to take the quiz. When you are ready, log in to Blackboard to take the quiz. You can take the online quiz as often as you want; the computer will record your most recent score. The quiz will be available until Wednesday midnight.

Purpose and Result Clauses. Make sure you review the use of the subjunctive in purpose clauses (introduced by ut or ne) and result clauses (introduced by ut or ut non). It is especially important to understand the rules for "sequence of tense," which explains why you will find only present or imperfect subjunctive verbs in purpose and result clauses.

For the quiz, you will need to supply the correct form of the verb (in the subjunctive).

Example: (reddo) Ovis lanam suam vendidit, ut pecuniam ________.

Answer: redderet

BE WARNED: thes sentences use a lot of familiar vocabulary from previous weeks' readings, but the grammatical structure of these sentences is not the same as in the readings.

  1. (libero) Deus in illo tempore descendit ut ________ populum suum.
  2. (lavor) Descendebant mane ut ________ in flumine
  3. (vado) Quis Moses est ut ________ ad Pharaonem?
  4. (fugio) Virga illa in colubrum versa est ita ut ________ Moses.
  5. (immolo) Populus conveniet ut ________ hostias magnificas deo suo.
  6. (ludo) Praecipitur ut Samson ante eos ________.
  7. (tango) Samson dimittitur ut columnas ________.
  8. (voco) Jovinianus praecepit ianitori, ut ducem ________.
  9. (interficio) Canis ad guttur domini saltabat, ut eum ________.
  10. (punior) Imperator falsus pro iudicio dat, ut Jovinianus ________.
  11. (accipio) Columbae veniunt ad Ducem, ut Dux vindictam ________.
  12. (spiro) Vulpes flatum suum retinent, ne ________

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