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Week 12: Reinardus et Ysengrimus.

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Recommended Readings

You might want to start by taking a look at the Supplementary Pages for this week...

... and you will also find some other resources online (although we need more of Reynard online!)

The 1911 Encyclopedia website contains an excellent article about Reynard the Fox. There is a brief article in the Columbia Encyclopedia online.

For an English translation of one of the fox epics, David Dickenson has put online a text entitled Reynard the Fox - A Medieval Tale Retold (it contains many illustrations, all of which are unfortunately unattributed -- and the stories are taken from many sources, including some originally created by David Dickenson, with no indication as to which is which).

You can find part of the medieval French Roman de Renart (at a Japanese website!).

There is section on the medieval German Reineke Fuchs in Albert K. Wimmer's Anthology of Medieval German Literature online. There is a German version by Goethe: Reineke Fuchs. (There is even a Reynard the Fox Museum in Germany.)

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