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Week 12: Reinardus et Ysengrimus.

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Reading #2b: Ysengrimus Monachus (Odo 22)

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Ysemgrinus semel voluit
esse monachus.

Ysemgrimus lupus est.
what did the wolf want to do?
Magnis precibus optinuit
quod Capitulum consensit;
coronam, cucullam
et cetera monachalia suscepit.

precibus: s.v. prex

Capitulum: "chapter" (in the sense of a division of a larger group, a local "chapter" of an order of monks)

how did the wolf begin the process of becoming a monk?
Tandem posuerunt eum ad litteras;
debuit addiscere Pater noster,
et semper respondit Agnus vel Aries.
posuerunt: s.v. pono
  what did the wolf say when he was supposed to saying the "Our Father"?
Docuerunt eum
ut respiceret ad Crucifixum,
ad sacrificium,
et ille semper direxit oculos
ad arietes.

direxit: s.v. dirigo

arietes: s.v. aries

  what did the wolf do when he was supposed to look at the crucifix?

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