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The Greek Verb

The following is a chart showing the forms of the Greek verb. Principal parts are marked in yellow. Structural features to observe:


(no distinction between middle and passive forms)
NOTE: the aorist has distinct middle and passive forms
(no distinction between middle and passive forms)

PAST TENSE: Verbs in the past tense all take augment. Note that the Pluperfect is rarely found in Biblical Greek and is largely omitted in Croy.

Imperfect Indicative (Past)

Active 10.65
Mid-Pass 11.70

Aorist Indicative (Past)

Active 13.85 and 14.92
Middle 13.86 and 14.93
Passive 16.109

Pluperfect Indicative (Past)

(Croy cites a few forms in 15.104)

NON-PAST TENSE: The non-past tenses are Present, Future and Perfect. The Perfect refers to past action ongoing in the present (this connection to the present makes it "non-past").

Present Indicative

Active 2.11
Mid-Pass 9.55

Future Indicative

Active 12.76
Middle 12.77
Passive 16.111

Perfect Indicative

Active 15.100
Mid-Pass 15.101
SUBJUNCTIVE: Present and aorist are aspects, not tenses! The aorist subjunctive is not a past tense. (That's why it doesn't take augment.)

Present Subjunctive

Active 23.163
Mid-Pass 23.163

Aorist Subjunctive

Active 23.163
Middle 23.163
Passive 23.163
IMPERATIVE: Present and aorist are aspects, not tenses! The aorist imperative is not a past tense. (That's why it doesn't take augment.)

Present Imperative

Active 26.183
Mid-Pass 26.183

Aorist Imperative

Active 26.184 and 6.185
Middle 26.184 and 26.185
Passive 26.184
INFINITIVE: The infinitive is, technically speaking, a noun. It is not a verb.

Present Infinitive

Active 2.12
Mid-Pass 9.57

Aorist Infinitive

Active 13.87 and 14.94
Middle 13.87 and 14.94
Passive 16.112

Perfect Infinitive

Active 15.102
Mid-Pass 15.102
PARTICIPLE: The participle is, technically speaking, an adjective. It is not a verb.

Present Participle

Active 18.123
Mid-Pass 18.124

Aorist Participle

Active 19.130 and 9.132
Middle 19.131 and 19.133
Passive 20.138

Perfect Participle

Active 20.139
Mid-Pass 20.140


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