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9.55 Forms of the Present Middle Indicative

Although Croy gives the middle of λύω for his example of the middle forms, you are much more likely to encounter the middle forms of deponent verbs (verbs which do not have active forms, but only middle forms). So instead of studying the paradigm provided by Croy, I would strongly suggest that you study a deponent verb like ἔρχομαι in order to practice the present middle endings.

Some important points to note:


Stem Ending Form  
ἐρχ ομαι ἔρχομαι I go, I am going
ἔρχῃ you go, you are going
ἐρχ εται ἔρχεται

he goes, he is going: she goes, she is going; it goes, it is going

ἐρχ όμεθα ἐρχόμεθα we go, we are going
ἐρχ εσθε ἔρχεσθε you go, you are going
ἐρχ ονται ἔρχονται they go, they are going


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