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This course is no longer offered by the University of Oklahoma,
but the materials will remain online. I hope they can be useful to you!

If you cannot see the accented Greek here, you need a Unicode font, like Gentium, on your computer.

Greek in 15 weeks: Wk 1 - Wk 2 - Wk 3 - Wk 4 - Wk 5 - Wk 6 - Wk 7 - Wk 8 - Wk 9 - Wk 10 - Wk 11 - Wk 12 - Wk 13 - Wk 14 - Wk 15

Useful Pages: Typing in Greek | Vocab Chart | Croy Index | Verb Parts | Endings | Contract Verbs | QUIA Quizzes | Using Perseus

This course is based on the wonderful textbook by Clayton Croy. It is an extremely clear and well-organized book with reading material from both the Greek New Testament and from the Septuagint. It is the best textbook I know of for learning Biblical Greek quickly and effectively.

A Primer of Biblical Greek
by N. Clayton Croy

Here are two reference books that will help you with your Greek vocabulary and your Greek word endings. They are both excellent books!

The Complete Vocabulary Guide to the Greek New Testament
by Warren C. Trenchard

The Morphology of Biblical Greek
by William D. Mounce

When you are ready to start reading the Bible in Greek, you will need a Greek BIble, along with some reference works to help you along.

Greek New Testament With Greek/English Dictionary
by Kurt Aland

Grammatical Analysis of the Greek New Testament by M. Zerwick and M. Grosvenor
NOTE: This book is ENORMOUSLY HELPFUL for readers just getting started in reading New Testament Greek!

Textual Commentary on the Greek New Testament
by Bruce M. Metzger

The New Oxford Annotated Bible with the Apocrypha, Revised Standard Version, Expanded Edition
by Herbert G. May and Bruce M. Metzger

Novum Testamentum Graece Et Latine - Greek/Latin New Testament by Kurt Aland
NOTE: If you know Latin, you will really enjoy being able to read the Greek and Latin texts side-by-side.

In addition to the Greek New Testament, you will want to explore the writings of the Greek apostolic fathers and also the Greek version of the Hebrew Bible, called the Septuagint.

The Apostolic Fathers: Greek Texts and English Translations by Michael W. Holmes.
NOTE: This is an absolutely fascinating collection of writings, with facing Greek-and-English texts for easy reading.

Grammar of Septuagint Greek and Selected Readings
by F. C. Conybeare

The Septuagint with Apocrypha: Greek and English
by L. C. L., Sir Brenton

edited by A. Rahlfs

Greek-English Lexicon of the Septuagint
by J. Lust, E. Eynikel, K. Hauspie

The Septuagint As Christian Scripture: Its Prehistory And The Problem Of Its Canon
by Martin Hengel, Roland Deines, and Robert Hanhart

The Use of the Septuagint in New Testament Research
by R. Timothy McLay

As you continue your studies of Greek, you might also want to acquire some basic Greek reference works to help you understand the history of the Greek language.

Greek Grammar
by Herbert Weir Smyth

Greek Language
by Leonard Robert Palmer

Vox Graeca : The Pronunciation of Classical Greek
by W. Sidney Allen

After learning Biblical Greek, you will find it very easy to learn Attic Greek. I highly recommend the Athenaze textbook series for Attic Greek.

Athenaze : An Introduction to Ancient Greek Book I
by Maurice Balme, Gilbert Lawall

Athenaze: An Introduction to Ancient Greek (Workbook I)
by Gilbert Lawall, James F. Johnson, Luigi Miraglia

Athenaze: An Introduction to Ancient Greek, Vol. 2
by Maurice Balme, Gilbert Lawall

Athenaze: An Introduction to Ancient Greek (Workbook II)
by Gilbert Lawall, James F. Johnson, Cynthia King

You might also want to expand your knowledge of Greek by learning to read the beautiful and ancient songs of Homer. Use the Lattimore translations to get a "feel" for the Greek. Pharr's book is easy to use if you already have a foundation in Biblical Greek.

Homeric Greek: A Book for Beginners
by Clyde Pharr, rev. by John Wright

Homeric Vocabularies: Greek and English Word List for the Study of Homer
William Bishop Owen, Edgar J. Goodspeed

The Iliad of Homer
translated by Richmond Lattimore

The Odyssey of Homer
by Richmond Lattimore

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