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Using Perseus

The following slideshow presents a general overview of some of the features of the Perseus system. This presentation was not designed with New Testament students in mind, but since there is a Greek New Testament available at Perseus (Westcott-Hort edition), you will find it an invaluable resource. You will also find a Latin Vulgate at Perseus as well!

  • Slide. Perseus Digital Library
  • Slide. Greek and Latin Texts
  • Slide. Greek and Latin Authors
  • Slide. Viewing a Text
  • Slide. Configure Display
  • Slide. Text with Commentary
  • Slide. Greek Morphology
  • Slide. Latin Morphology
  • Slide. Dictionary Analysis
  • Slide. The Middle Liddell
  • Slide. Liddell-Scott-Jones
  • Slide. Elementary Lewis
  • Slide. Lewis & Short Dictionary
  • Slide. Morphological Analysis
  • Slide. Greek Grammar Link
  • Slide. Morphological Analysis
  • Slide. Frequency Table
  • Slide. Maximum Instances
  • Slide. Vocabulary Tool Link
  • Slide. Default Vocabulary List
  • Slide. Vocabulary List Options
  • Slide. Simple Vocabulary List
  • Slide. Perseus Language Tools
  • Slide. Dictionaries and Tools
  • Slide. Dictionary Search
  • Slide. Custom Searches
  • Slide. Analytical Dictionary
  • Slide. Reverse Dictionary
  • Slide. English - Latin/Greek
  • Slide. Unicode Greek Display
  • Slide. Configure Page Encoding
  • Slide. Configure Browser Font
  • Slide. Greek Font Display
  • Slide. That's Perseus!

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