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16.109 Forms of the Aorist Passive Indicative

The distinctive feature of the aorist passive stem is that it ends in eta, usually in theta-eta. The endings are added to the eta of the stem, as shown below. In addition, the aorist passive past tense takes augment, as all past tense verbs do. When you learn the sixth principal part, it already shows you the augment (just as the third principal part showed you the augment for the aorist active past tense).

What is most interesting about these forms is that the endings do not look like passive endings at all. Instead, they closely resemble the aorist active endings.

Aorist Past
Aorist Active
Aorist Passive
Aorist Past Passive
I destroyed ἔλυσα
ην ἐλύθην I was destroyed
you destroyed ἔλυσας
ης ἐλύθης you were destroyed
she destroyed ἔλυσε
η ἐλύθη she was destroyed
we destroyed ἐλύσαμεν
ημεν ἐλύθημεν we were destroyed
you destroyed ἐλύσατε
ητε ἐλύθητε you were destroyed
they destroyed ἔλυσαν
ησαν ἐλύθησαν they were destroyed


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