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14.92 Forms of the Second Aorist Active Indicative

Make sure you take a look at Croy section 92. The endings for the second aorist past are identical to the endings for the imperfect past. (Croy says they are similar but they are actually identical). As past tense verbs, both the second aorist and the imperfect take augment.

This means the only difference between the verbs is in the stem! You have to be able to recognize the stem to tell the difference between the aorist past and the imperfect past.

If the verb is built from the first principal part (present stem), then it is the imperfect past.

If the verb is built from the third principal part (aorist stem), then it is the aorist past.

Here is a chart showing the imperfect past active and the aorist past active side by side.

Imperfect Past
Aorist Past
Aorist Past Active Ending
(same as
Imperfect Past Active Ending)
I fled ἔφευγον ἔφυγον
you fled ἔφευγες ἔφυγες
she fled ἔφευγε ἔφυγε
we fled ἐφεύγομεν ἐφύγομεν
you fled ἐφεύγετε ἐφύγετε
they fled ἔφευγον ἔφυγον


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