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13.86 Forms of the First Aorist Middle Indicative

Take a look at Croy section 86.

As with the active endings, the aorist past tense middle endings are similar to the imperfect middle endings, but with alpha as the distinctive vowel.

In the aorist system, the middle and passive forms are NOT the same. The forms you are learning in this lesson are aorist middle forms only. You will not learn the aorist passive until Lesson 16.

Here is a chart showing the aorist past tense middle and imperfect past tense middle forms side by side for the verb ἄρχομαι: I begin

  Imperfect Past Middle Aorist Past Middle
Aorist Past Middle Ending
I began ἠρχόμην ἠρξάμην
you began ἤρχου ἤρξω
she began ἤρχετο ἤρξατο
we began ἠρχόμεθα ἠρξάμεθα
you began ἤρχεσθε ἤρξασθε
they began ἤρχοντο ἤρξαντο

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