image of Madaba mosaic

Week 13: Egeria.

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Supplementary Pages for Egeria

Madaba Mosaic: Jordan (this week's image)   Madaba Mosaic
St. Catherine's Monastery   Trinity Chapel
Mount Sinai (Mount Moses)   Sinai Desert
Egeria's Itinerary   Map of the Sinai Peninsula
The burning bush, 14th c. French   The burning bush, Cologne, 15th century
The burning bush, Jean Bondol   The burning bush, Michiel van der Borch

The Golden Calf, by Jean Bondol

  Broken Tablets, by Jean Bondol
Moses Brings the Tablets, by Jean Bondol   and Brings Them Again, by Jean Bondol
Worshipping the Golden Calf, French 15th c. ms.   Jorg Ratgeb, Elijah, 1517


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