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Week 13: Egeria.

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Recommended Reading

You might want to start by taking a look at the Supplementary Pages for this week...

Egeriae. Itinerarium peregrinationis. The Latin text is available at the Ad Fontes Library.

Good introduction to Egeria at the Medieval Women Writer's Project.

Egeria and The Fourth Century Liturgy of Jerusalem, a hypertext version developed by Michael Fraser (University of Durham), containing an English translation of Egeria's stay in Jerusalem.

John Abela has also prepared a site focused on The Liturgy of Jerusalem according to Egeria.

You can read an article about The Bible and Women Pilgrims online, which includes Egeria, along with other early Christian women such as the Empress Helena (mother of Constantine) as well as the Jerome's companions, Paula and Eustochium.


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