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[These are pages to help you use the supplemental vocabulary sets available at the QUIA website.]

QUIA Browser Help

All the Greek material in the QUIA games is in Unicode format, which means that all accents, breathing marks, and other diacritics can be displayed, depending on your browser's support for Unicode, along with the operating system you are using and the fonts available on your computer.

FIREFOX is your best bet: all the QUIA activities work in Greek with Firefox under Windows XP (please read these notes on using Firefox if you are having problems).

INTERNET EXPLORER is another good option: almost all the QUIA activities work in Greek with Internet Explorer under Windows XP, and there is a sneaky fix you can use to make all of them work (please read these notes on using Internet Explorer if you are having problems).

If you have information about your experience with other browsers, please contact me.

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