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Proverbs for Chapter 2

2.61  Perfidia Punica.
   perfidia, -ae.  treachery, betrayal.
   Punicus, -a, -um.  Punic, Carthaginian, Phoenician.

2.62  Strenua inertia.
   strenuus, a, um.  active, vigorous.
   inertia, -ae.  idleness, ineffectiveness.

2.63  Via media.
   medius, a, um.  middle;  common, average

2.64  Via negativa.
   negativus, -a, um.  by means of negation, denial.

2.65  Vita beata.
   vita, -ae.  life.
   beatus, a, um.  blessed, happy.

2.66  Vita privata.
   privatus, -a, -um.  stripped, released; unofficial, private.

2.67  Conscientia mala.
   conscientia, -ae.  shared knowledge, personal knowledge.
   malus, a, um.  bad.

2.68  Conscientia recta.
   rectus, -a, um.  ruled, straight; right, correct.

2.69  Magna Charta.
   magnus, a, um.  big, large, great.
   charta, -ae.  leaf of papyrus, paper; document.

2.70  Ex gratia.
   gratia, -ae.  charm; favor, esteem; kindness; thankfulness.

2.71  Ex Africa.

2.72  Ex cathedra.
   cathedra, -ae.  chair, professorial chair.

2.73  Ad gloriam.
   gloria, -ae.  fame, renown.

2.74  Apologia pro vita sua.
   apologia, -ae.  defense, account.
   pro (prep. + abl.)  before, for, for the sake of.
   suus, sua, suum.  his, her, its, their (own).

2.75  De lana caprina.
   lana, ae.  wool.
   caprinus, -a, -um.  goat's, of a goat.

2.76  In camera.
   camera, -ae.  vaulted chamber, room.

2.77  Sine mora.
   sine (prep. + abl.).  without.
   mora, -ae.  delay.

2.78  Sine cura.
   cura, -ae.  care, attention; anxiety, worry.

2.79  Per incuriam.
   per (prep. + acc.).  through, by way of, along.
   incuria, -ae.  lack of care, neglect, carelessness.

2.80  Per totam curiam.
   totus, a, um.  whole, complete, entire, all.
   curia, -ae.  court; senate-house; the Senate

2.81  Opera mea.
   opera, -ae.  trouble, pains, labor.
   meus, a, um.  my, mine.

2.82  Fabulae!
   fabula, -ae.  talk;  tale, story; play.

2.83  Tenebrae aeternae.
   tenebrae, -arum.  darkness, night; obscurity
   aeternus, a, um.  everlasting, eternal.

2.84  Inde irae et lacrimae.
   inde.  thence; from that cause, for that reason
   ira, -ae.  wrath, anger, rage.
   lacrima, -ae.  tear (as in weeping).

2.85  Aqua vitae.
   aqua, -ae.  water.
   vita, -ae.  life.

2.86  Scala naturae.
   scalae, -arum.  steps, stairs; ladder.  Later Latin:  scala, -ae.
   natura, -ae.  nature.

2.87  Beatae memoriae.
   beatus, a, um.  blessed, happy.
   memoria, -ae.  memory; remembrance; the past, tradition

2.88  Aleam fuge!
   alea, -ae.  die;  game of dice.
   fugio, fugere, fugi, fugitus.  to flee.
   fuge!  flee! (imperative)

2.89  Litteras disce!
   littera, -ae.  letter.  pl: literature, knowledge.
   disco, -ere, didici.  to learn.
   disce!  learn! (imperative)

2.90  Acta est fabula.
   actus, -a, -um.  done, finished, accomplished.

2.91  Iacta alea est.
   iactus, a, um.  tossed, thrown.

2.92  Caeca invidia est.
   caecus, a, um.  blind.
   invidia, -ae.  envy, jealousy.

2.93  Aurora amica Musis est.
   aurora, -ae.  dawn.
   amica, -ae.  (female) friend.
   Musa, -ae.  Muse, goddess of literature, arts.

2.94  Experientia docet.
   experientia, -ae.  trial, test; knowledge from experience.
   doceo, -ere, docui, doctus.  to teach.

2.95  Olet lucernam.
   oleo, -ere.  to emit an odor; to smell, stink.
   lucerna, -ae.  lamp; lamplight.

2.96  Urticae proxima saepe rosa est.
   urtica, -ae.  nettle, thorn.
   proximus, a, um.  very near, nearest to.
   saepe.  often.
   rosa, -ae.  rose.

2.97  Verae amicitiae sempiternae sunt.
   verus, a, um.  true.
   amicitia, -ae.  friendship.
   sempiternus, a, um.  continual, everlasting.

2.98  Zonam perdidit.
   zona, -ae.  girdle, belt; moneybelt.
   perdo, -ere, perdidi, perditus.  to destroy, ruin, waste.

2.99  Troia fuit.
   Troia, -ae.  Troy.

2.100  Dum fortuna fuit.
   dum.  while; as long as, so long as.
   fortuna, -ae.  chance, fate, fortune, luck.

2.101  In memoriam.
   memoria, -ae.  memory; remembrance; the past, tradition.

2.102  Memoria in aeterna.
   aeternus, a, um.  everlasting, eternal.

2.103  In aqua scribere.
   scribo, -ere, scripsi, scriptus.  to write.

2.104  Quaerere aquas in aquis.
   quaero, -ere, quaesivi, quaesitus.  to seek, search.

2.105  In epulis epulas quaerere.
   epulae, -arum.  food, dishes;  a banquet.

2.106  In viam veram inducere.
   verus, a, um.  true.
   induco, -ere, induxi, inductus.  to enter in, lead to.

2.107  Stare super antiquas vias.
   sto, -are, steti, status.  to stand; to stay, remain.
   super (prep. + abl./acc.).  over, above, beyond.
   antiquus, -a, -um.  previous, earlier; ancient.

2.108  Alere flammam.
   alo, -ere, alui, alitus.  to nourish, support, promote.
   flamma, -ae.  flame, fire.

2.109  Terram videre.
   terra, -ae.  earth, land; dry land.

2.110  Umbras timere.
   umbra, -ae.  shade, shadow.
   timeo, -ere, timui.  to fear, dread.

2.111  Scapham scapham dicere.
   scapha, -ae.  small boat, skiff.
   dico, -ere, dixi, dictus.  to say, tell, speak.

2.112  Nec audio nec video.
   audio, -ire.  to hear, listen.

2.113  Cum tacent, clamant.
   cum.  when.
   taceo, -ere, tacui, tacitus.  to be silent, say nothing.
   clamo, -are.  to call, shout.

2.114  Dum spiro, spero.
   dum.  while; as long as, so long as.
   spiro, -are.  to breathe.
   spero, -are.  to hope.

2.115  Vivere militare est.
   vivo, -ere, vixi, victus.  to live.
   milito, -are.  to be in the army, be a soldier.

2.116  Vivere est cogitare.
   cogito, -are.  to think, reflect.

2.117  In horam vivo.
   hora, -ae.  hour; time, moment.

2.118  Non vivere sed valere vita est.
   valeo, -ere.  to be strong, be in good health.
   vita, -ae.  life.

2.119  Legere enim et non intellegere neglegere est.
   lego, -ere, legi, lectus.  to collect, gather; read.
   enim.  indeed, truly.
   intellego, -ere, intellexi, intellectus.  to grasp, understand.
   neglego, -ere, neglexi, neglectus. to disregard; overlook, omit.

2.120  Inter spinas, per aerumnas, duraturas quaero rosas.
   inter (prep + acc.).  between, among.
   spina, -ae.  thorn.
   per (prep. + acc.).  through, by way of, along.
   aerumna, -ae.  labor, toil, hardship.
   duraturus, -a, -um.  lasting, enduring.
   quaero, -ere, quaesivi, quaesitus.  to seek, search.
   rosa, -ae.  rose.

2.121  Rursum versum.
   rursum.  backward.
   versum.  towards, forwards.

2.122  Rursum prorsum.
   prorsum.  forward, straight ahead.

2.123  Sursum deorsum.
   sursum.  upwards, on high.
   deorsum.  downwards, backwards.

2.124  Et in Arcadia ego.
   Arcadia, -ae.  region of Greece (idyllic, pastoral setting)
   ego.  I.

2.125  Hic iacet.
   hîc.  here; in this place.
   iaceo, -ere, iacui.  to lie, be situated; to lie flat.

2.126  Ubi papa, ibi Roma.
   ubi.  where.
   papa, -ae (masc.!).  the pope.
   ibi.  there.
   Roma, -ae.  Rome.

2.127  Ibi semper est victoria, ubi concordia est.
   victoria, -ae.  victory, conquest.
   concordia, -ae.  agreement, union, harmony.

2.128  Cras credo, hodie nihil.
   cras.  tomorrow.
   credo, -ere, credidi, creditus.  to trust, believe.
   hodie.  today.

2.129  Cras do, non hodie: sic nego cotidie.
   sic.  thus.
   nego, -are.  to say no, deny.
   cotidie.  every day.

2.130  Do ut des.

2.131  Facio ut des.
   facio, -ere, feci, factus.  to make, do.

2.132  Potius sero quam numquam.
   potius...quam...  better...than...
   sero.  late; too late.
   numquam.  never.

2.133  Tacent, satis laudant.
   satis / sat.  enough, sufficiently.
   laudo, -are.  to praise, extol, commend.

2.134  Sat cito si sat bene.
   cito.  quickly.
   bene.  well; favorably, prosperously.

2.135  Vix bene et cito.
   vix.  scarcely, with difficulty; rarely.

2.136  Tarde sed tute.
   tarde.  slowly.
   tute.  safely, securely.

2.137  Si non caste et tamen caute.
   caste.  piously, purely.
   tamen.  yet, however, nevertheless.
   caute.  cautiously, carefully.

2.138  Si non caste saltim caute.
   saltim.  at least, in any case.

2.139  Fama bona lente volat et mala fama repente.
   lente.  slowly.
   repente.  suddenly, unexpectedly; quickly.

2.140  Si sufflasses, cecidisset.
   sufflo, -are.  to puff, blow; to inflate.
   cado, -ere, cecidi.  to fall, sink, drop.

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