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Week 15: Heloisa

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Latin Composition

A draft of your composition work (A and B) is due by Friday midnight. It will be returned to your with comments, corrections, hints and suggestions on Saturday. The final draft is due by Monday midnight. Note: This first draft is required: if you do not turn in a draft of the composition by Friday midnight, you will receive no composition credit for the week.

** If you are not an OU student, I will try to mark your compositions as well; send it to and make sure you put MEDIEVAL LATIN in the subject line **

A. Answer the questions - in Latin...! Please make sure that your email contains both the question and the answer. If you are having trouble with this exercise, check out these Hints for Answering Questions in Latin.

B. Write a small Latin composition on your own. You will choose either to describe a picture or to write a small monologue/dialogue. If you are having trouble with this exercise, check out these Hints for Free Composition in Latin.

  1. Quare Abelardus epistulam ad amicum scripsit?
  2. Cuius invidiam Abelardus in epistula referebat?
  3. In quem pericula adhuc crescunt?
  4. Quis Heloisam contristare et letificare valet?
  5. Quis corporis Heloisae et animi possessor est?
  6. Cuius nomen Heloisae dulcius est: uxoris aut amicae?
  7. Quid Heloisam ad vitam monasticam pertraxit?
  8. Quare Heloisa mercedem a Deo non expectat?
  9. Quo Abelardus Heloisam in ore omnium ponebat?
  10. Quem Abelardus in libidinem olim excitabat?

B. Latin composition

Dialogue/Monologue: Choose one of the following scenes and write the words you can imagine the characters saying. You should write 5 sentences that are each at least four words long each. Please please do not use an English-Latin dictionary. You should have plenty of vocabulary from this week's reading to write your description!

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