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Week 15: Heloisa

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Grammar Review: Indirect Question

The grammar preparation quiz covers the information shown below; make sure you study this information carefully before you try to take the quiz. When you are ready, log in to Blackboard to take the quiz. You can take the online quiz as often as you want; the computer will record your most recent score. The quiz will be available until Wednesday midnight.

Indirect Question. Make sure that you understand the difference between Indirect Statement (accusative + infinitive) and Indirect Question, which uses the subjunctive and follows the rules of sequence of tense.

You will see the original question, and then the indirect question. You will need to supply the correct form of the subjunctive by filling in the blank.

Example: Quis pecuniam habet! - Nescio quis pecuniam _______ .

Answer: habeat

Primary Sequence

Secondary Sequence

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