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Week 15: Heloisa

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Background Quiz

You will take this quiz at the Blackboard course site. You may find it helpful to print this page out and choose your answers before logging on to Blackboard to take the quiz. You may take the quiz as many times as you like; your most recent score is what will be recorded in the gradebook. The quiz will be available until Tuesday midnight.

1. dates for Heloise's life
2. name of Heloise's uncle
3. name of Heloise's son
4. one of Abelard's philosophical treatises
5. Abelard's autobiography
6. dates for Abelard's life
7. city where they met
8. cemetery in which they are buried
9. where Heloise became a nun
10. where Abelard became a monk
A. 1079 - 1142
B. 1100 - 1163
C. Argenteuil
D. Astrolabe
E. Fulbert
F. Historia calamitatum
G. Paris
H. Père-Lachaise
I. St. Denis
J. Sic et Non

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