images from ms. of De civitate Dei

Week 6: Augustinus: De civitate dei.

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Supplementary Pages for Augustinus: De civitate dei

Augustine, City of God manuscript illustration (this week's image)   (see the other images of Augustine from last week)
King Numa   Egeria and Numa
Numa and Pythagoras   Pythagoras
Saint Christopher "The Dog-Head"   Dogheads
The Monster of Ravenna   More Monster of Ravenna
The Antipodes   Cyclopses
Sciopods   Sciopod
"Duplex"   Hermaphrodites
No Heads   compare these same types of images in an Arabic manuscript from Syria, 10th century
Souls ascending to heaven   Pygmies and Cranes
three images of the Creation of Eve   creation of Eve, Jean Bondol
Adam and Eve, early 15th century France   Adam and Eve, late 15th century France
Christ with Church as Bride, Jean Bondol      


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