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Week 5: Augustinus: Confessiones.

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Supplementary Pages for Augustinus: Confessiones

Letters of Augustine

Augustine and Jerome   Augustine Debating Cicero
Augustine, circa 1200   Augustine, circa 1300
Augustine (1323)   Augustine, circa 1450
Augustine (1460)   Augustine (1468)
Augustine, Joos van Wassenhove (1474)   Augustine and Jerome, Crivelli (1490)

The Gozzoli Fresco Cycle:

The School of Tagaste (scene 1, north wall)
  Augustine at the University of Carthage (scene 2, north wall)
Augustine Leaving his Mother (scene 3, east wall)      
Disembarkation at Ostia (scene 5, east wall)   Augustine Teaching in Rome (scene 6, south wall)
Augustine Departing for Milan (scene 7, south wall)   Arrival of Augustine in Milan (scene 8, north wall)
Scenes with Ambrose (scene 9, north wall)   Augustine Reading the Epistle of St Paul (scene 10, east wall)
Baptism of Augustine (scene 11, east wall)   The Parable of the Holy Trinity (scene 12, south wall)
Death of Augustine's Mother (scene 13, south wall)   Blessing of the Faithful at Hippo (scene 14, north wall)
Conversion of the Heretic (scene 15, east wall)   Augustine's Vision of Jerome (scene 16, east wall)
Funeral of Augustine (scene 17, south wall)      


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