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Week 5: Augustinus: Confessiones.

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Recommended Reading

You might want to start by taking a look at the Supplementary Pages for this week...

... and you will also find many other resources online:

There is a nice brief biography of Augustine online at The Lectionary.You can find a lengthy and very detailed biography of Augustine online at the Catholic Encyclopedia. There is also a nice biography of Augustine at the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

Steven Kreis' Online Lectures of Ancient and Medieval European History contains a lecture on the Church Fathers, including both Jerome and Augustine.

You can find a Latin text of the Confessiones at Ad Fontes. CCEL has an English translation of the Confessions online. The Pusey English translation of the Confessions is available at (with a search engine). The Oulter translation of the Confessions is also available online (this edition has a nice summary for each book).

If you are interested in browsing through Augustine's Letters, you can find them in English translation at the New Advent site.

The University of Wisconsin has made an exhibit of rare Augustine books available online.

Jim O'Donnell

Jim O'Donnell is one of the leading Augustine scholars around, and he is also an internet pioneer. Thanks to his efforts, there are some excellent primary and secondary materials on Augustine available online. For a detailed analysis of Augustine's life and words, you can consult these essays by Jim O'Donnell (which were later issued as the Twayne Author series entry for Augustine in 1985):

Jim O'Donnell also maintains an extensive Augustine Resources website, and he has also createdan extraordinary hypertext version of Augustine's Confessions online at the Stoa.

Finally, for a truly bizarre experience, you might visit a website sponsored by the Unification Church, which features the Confessions of Augustine as channeled by Young Soon Kim in the year 2000. Kim reports the messages received from Dr. Sang Hun Lee who has been conversing with Augustine in the spiritual world since his own demise: "I am Sang Hun Lee. While on earth, I used to serve as a doctor for some time. Now, in the spiritual world, I have been appointed as an ambassador of the spiritual world and am staying in the spiritual world. I would like to introduce St. Augustine, with whom I have associated for over three months...."

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