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Week 6: Augustinus: De civitate dei.

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Grammar Review: Deponent Verbs and Passive Forms

The grammar preparation quiz covers the information shown below; make sure you study this information carefully before you try to take the quiz. When you are ready, log in to Blackboard to take the quiz. You can take the online quiz as often as you want; the computer will record your most recent score. The quiz will be available until Wednesday midnight.

For this week, you need to review the present passive forms of Conjugations I-IV in the present indicative. You should also review "deponent verbs", which are verbs that have an active meaning but a passive form. The quiz will cover deponent verb forms in the present indicative.

For the quiz, you will need to be able to "fill in the blank" with an appropriate form of the verb given in parentheses. You will see a nominative noun used in the sentence to let you know what the subject of the sentence should be (the pronouns ego, tu, nos and vos alert you when the subject is first or second person). Example:

(sequor) Quem nos ___________? Answer: sequimur

  1. (confiteor) - Haec omnia ego _____.
  2. (miror) - Ingenium mulierum nos _____ !
  3. (patior) - Milites multa _____.
  4. (egredior) - Mater Marci _____.
  5. (morior) - Imperator noster ____.
  6. (ingredior) - Fratres Marci _____!
  7. (sequor) - Vos ducem bonum _____.
  8. (nascor) - Homo ad laborem _____.
  9. (admiror) - Patrem tuum ego _____.
  10. (utor) - Milites armis et equis _____.
  11. (loquor) - Quid tu _____?
  12. (orior) - Stellae noctis iam _____.


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