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Week 11: Aesopus.

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Reading #1b (Ademar). Homo et Leo.

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You can also find an illustration of this fable from a book of Aesop's fables published in 1501.

Homo et leo,
cum inter se quaererent
quis eorum esset superior,
et quaererent
huius altercationis testimonium,

esset: subjunctive in indirect question
altercationis, s.v. altercatio
  what were the man and the lion arguing about?

venerunt ad monumentum,
ubi erat pictum
quomodo ab homine suffocabatur leo;
hanc ostendit homo picturam
in testimonium.

pictum, s.v. pingo
homo ostendit hanc pictum in testimonium
  why did the man show the lion this particular picture?

Cui leo:
Hoc ab homine pictum est;
nam si leo pingeret,
quomodo suffocasset hominem.
Sed ego dabo tibi
verum testimonium.

suffocasset: subjunctive in indirect question
  why did the lion reject this piece of evidence?

Induxit leo hominem
in amphitheatrum
et ostendit illi
vera fide
quo homo a leone suffocatur.

ostendit illi (homini)
quo = quo modo

(this combat between a man and a lion as a public spectacle shows the classical Roman origins of this story!)

  why did the lion take the man to the amphitheater?

Hinc dixit:
Colorum non sunt opus testimonia,
sed veritate facta.

hinc: temporal sense (hereupon, next)
testimonia non sunt opus colorum; testimonia facta (sunt) veritate
  what did the lion say to the man then?

Mendacium colore compositum
a veritate cito superari,
ubi est certa probatio

mendacium (colore compositum) potest superari a veritate cito (= veritas cito superat mendacium)
ubi = in hac fabula
  what is the moral of the story?

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Aesopus, 1505 (University of Mannheim; more information)

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