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Week 11: Aesopus.

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Reading Quiz

The English reading comprehension quiz involves a series of true / false questions (log in to Blackboard to take the quiz). You can take the online quiz as often as you want; the computer will record your most recent score. The quiz will be available until Thursday midnight.

  1. The sheep went to jail for not being able to pay her debt to the dog.
  2. The lion convinced the man of his power by showing him a lion killing a man in gladiatorial combat.
  3. The partridge flew away when the fox fell asleep.
  4. The snail got the mirror all filthy by crawling on it.
  5. The crow stole the cheese from the fox by complimenting the fox's beauty.
  6. The doves chose a pathetic bird named Dux to be their leader.
  7. The crow poked the eye of the stork out with his beak.
  8. Each of the abbots gave the monks more and more food to eat.
  9. The frog tried to keep his mother from puffing herself up.
  10. The lamb was making the wolf's drinking water all muddy.

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