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Week 11: Aesopus.

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Background Quiz

You will take this quiz at the Blackboard course site. You may find it helpful to print this page out and choose your answers before logging on to Blackboard to take the quiz. You may take the quiz as many times as you like; your most recent score is what will be recorded in the gradebook. The quiz will be available until Tuesday midnight.

1. Ademar of Chabannes
2. Alexander Nequam
3. Avianus
4. Berechiah ha-Nakdan
5. William Caxton
6. Robert Henryson
7. Marie de France
8. Odo of Cheriton
9. Phaedrus
10. Walter of England
A. freed slave who wrote fables in Latin verse
B. archbishop of Palermo; may have written fables
C. popular preacher of early 13th century
D. Scottish author of Morall Fabillis
E. author of theological works and Aesopic fables
F. fifth-century author of fables in Latin verse
G. author of Ysopet, fables in French
H. printer of first Aesop's Fables book in English
I. medieval Hebrew fable author
J. medieval French historian who also wrote fables

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