image of vultures (Aberdeen Bestiary)

Week 8: Physiologus.

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Aberdeen Bestiary

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image of partridge (Aberdeen bestiary)

The partridge is another despicable bird, according to the Physiologus tradition: male partridges consort with the wrong partners, and female partridges try to raise the wrong chicks...

Of the partridge

The partridge gets its name from the sound it makes. It is a cunning and unclean bird. For one male mounts another and in their reckless lust they forget their sex. The partridge is so deceitful that one will steal another's eggs. But the trick does not work. For when the young hear the cry of their real mother, their natural instinct is to leave the bird that is brooding them and return to the mother who produced them. The Devil imitates their example, trying to rob the eternal Creator of those he has created; if he succeeds somehow in bringing together men who are foolish and lack any sense of their own inner strength, he cossets them with seductive pleasures of the flesh. But when they have heard the voice of Christ, growing spiritual wings, they wisely fly away and entrust themselves to Christ.


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