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Week 8: Physiologus.

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Weekly Activities

Due by: Points Description Est. Time
Tues. 2 Do the Background Reading and take the Background Quiz; complete the Starting Assumptions assignment 45 min.
Tues. 5 Take the Vocabulary Quiz and complete the Etymology Board assignment 30-45 min.
Wed. 0 Take the Grammar Quiz; ; all students will receive credit for the grammar exercise this week: it is optional - all students will receive 5 points credit 30-45 min.
Wednesday, March 5, has been designated by the OU Students Against War as a day of protest, as part of the national Moratorium to Stop War. In order to make it possible for any student who wants to observe this protest, the Wednesday activities for this week are optional. I hope that you might want to take this opportunity to write to the President and your elected representatives expressing your views, whatever they might be, regarding the US threat of a war against Iraq.
Thurs. 6 Do the Reading and take the English Quiz and the Latin Quiz 1-3 hrs.
Friday 1 Latin Composition: your first draft is due 30 min. - 1 hr.
Friday 6 Discussion Questions: submit via email and post on the Blackboard Discussion Board 45 min.
Mon. 5 Latin Composition: your final draft is due 30 min.
Mon. 2 Make 2 replies to other students' Discussion Questions on the Blackboard Discussion Board; send the instructor an email with the names of the students you responded to (you do not have to included your responses in the email). 30 min.


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