image of the burning bush

Week 2: Vulgata: Moses.

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Supplementary Pages for Vulgata: Moses

Scenes from the Life of Moses, by Botticelli   Pharoh executes the children, Michiel van der Borch
Moses rescued, circa 1200   Moses rescued, 14th c. French
Moses rescued, early 15th c. Dutch (Utrecht)   Moses rescued, late 15th c. Dutch (Utrecht)
Moses as shepherd in Midian, early 15th c. Dutch (Utrecht)  

Burning Bush, late 14th century (this week's image) (play the JIGSAW) (about the jigsaws)

The burning bush, 14th c. French   The burning bush, Cologne, 15th century
The burning bush, Jean Bondol   The burning bush, Michiel van der Borch
The burning bush, Nicolas Froment  

The staff becomes a snake, early 15th c. Dutch (Utrecht)





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