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Week 2: Vulgata: Moses.

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Additional Recommended Reading

You might want to start by taking a look at the Supplementary Pages for this week...

... and you will also find many other resources online:


There is a very lively article from the St. Anthony Messenger: "St. Jerome: The Perils of a Bible Translator" by Leslie J. Hoppe, O.F.M. You will find an informative article in the Catholic Encyclopedia about Jerome's life and work.

You can read some of Jerome's other writings in English translation at CCEL; of special interest is Letter 57 On the Best Method of Translating. (if you are interested in browsing Jerome's Letters they are more conveniently arranged at New Advent). There are Latin texts of some of the letters at Ad Fontes.

An English translation of Jerome's De viris illustribus (On Famous Men) is available at New Advent.

Bible Texts

There are a number of websites with the full Latin text of the Vulgate Bible; the Unbound Bible site is the easiest way to search the Vulgate text, and you can also have it appear side-by-side with the English translation of your choice. The Vatican also has a text of the "Nova Vulgata" online.

If you read Hebrew, you will find a fully-voweled Hebrew Bible (in Unicode!) at the Anastesontai website. There is an interlinear (or "inter-verse") English-Hebrew Bible at the Crosswalk website.

If you read Greek, there is a Unicode Greek Septuagint online (Rahlfs veresion). There is also a facing-text Greek-English edition of the Septuagint online.

And if you are interested in the history of the printed Bible, there is a lovely digital version of the Gutenberg Bible online!

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