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image of from the Bayeux tapestry
image of Heloise
image of St. Francis

About the Jigsaws

The jigsaw puzzles are meant to help you focus in on the details of an image. By playing this game, you might suddenly notice some elements in the image that you would not have noticed otherwise. So play... and look at what you are seeing in the bits and pieces!

The jigsaw game files. Each jigsaw game is an ".exe" program file that can be opened in the Windows operating system. You can either download the file onto your computer if you want to play the game while you are offline, or you can simply open the file and play the game without downloading the entire file to your computer.

Can I turn off the sound effects? Yes, you certainly can turn off the sound! Just click on the Options menu, and toggle the Sound to off. You can also change the Background Color Option if you want.

Want to make some puzzles of your own? I strongly recommend this excellent little program, which cost about $15 when I purchased it online. There is a free trial version available. You can find all the information you need at the ADC Software website.

Click on each image to open the jigsaw puzzle...


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