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Goals and Grading

Grading. Everyone in this class can receive an "A". It is an easy A, if and only if you do all the assigned work every week. And I will tell you right now: it is a lot of work. Of course, some students are quick at Latin, and some students struggle: that is fine! As long as you do all the assigned work, you will receive an A. You can take the quizzes as many times as you want; you can do revisions of your written assignments; you can do the work in advance and give yourself plenty of time to understand the material. The key is simply this: KEEP UP. Work ahead if you want. But whatever you do: please please please do not get behind...

"Points" System. Grading will be based on a points system, based on the timely completion of assigned work. There are a total of 30 points for each week's assigned work. This means that there are 450 points over the course of the semester. Students who make 410+ will receive an A; 360-409 will receive a B; 320-359 will receive a C; a minimum of 301 points is required to pass the course. You can check your current points total at the Blackboard website.

Late work and extensions. If you are not going to be able to turn in the work on time, please write and ask for an extension. I am always glad to give up to a one-week extension, no questions asked, provided that this extension is requested in advance of the deadline. When an extension is granted, I will record a "0" in that slot in the gradebook: don't worry! The "0" is just kind of a placeholder, letting me know that you have an extension. If there is not a placeholder "0" in place, late work will not be accepted. It is very important that you keep up with the work in this class. If you are the kind of person who has trouble meeting deadlines, you should try to work ahead, instead of putting things off till the last minute. Course assignments are always available a full two weeks in advance. If you have a hectic life where sometimes you are unexpectedly busy some days, please plan on completing your work in advance. And if you cannot complete the work before the deadline, do not forget to ask for an extension before the due date.

Final. There is no final for this class, although we do have a full 15 weeks' worth of work to do. This means that you will have course work to do during "dead week". If you would like to have a real dead week to prepare for your other finals, you can complete the last week of work early. In fact, you can complete any assignment up to two weeks' in advance! Also, you can afford to omit an entire week's work and still get an A (410 points), provided that you consistently do well in your other work.

Extra credit. There is a limited amount of extra credit that you can earn for the course. Take advantage of my mistakes! Here is how it works:

  • If you find a typographical error in any course webpage or quiz, send the instructor an email ( and you will receive a half-point of extra credit. I am a terrible proofreader. So if you read carefully and find my mistakes, I am glad to reward you for your diligence!
  • If you find a broken link in any course webpage, send the instructor an email ( and you will receive a half-point of extra credit. It is very difficult to keep up with all the websites that are taken down or moved to a different address: I will be very grateful for your help in keeping the web links in this course up to date.

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