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New Vocabulary

This week your new vocabulary comes from two lessons in Croy! So, make sure you study the Croy Lesson 31 Vocabulary Study Guide and the Croy Lesson 32 Vocabulary Study Guide.

When you have mastered this material, you can take the Week 15 New Vocabulary Quiz in Desire2Learn. You can take the quiz as often as you want, up until the final deadline of Tuesday at midnight.

For your reference, here are the words from Lessons 31 and 32:

ἐπαγγελία οὐχί ἔμπροσθεν ἄχρι
ἰσχυρός κρείσσων ἐνώπιον φανερόω
μακάριος μᾶλλον δεξιός καιρός
μόνος μείζων μέσος σωτηρία
διό πλείων ὅμοιος φόβος
  τοιοῦτος χρεία


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