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Audio Recitation

Each week, you will have an audio recitation assignment which you will post at the Discussion Board in Desire2Learn. Your audio recitation will consist of the following materials:

Here is how you will prepare the assignment:

Select the Bible passage. Read these Tips on Finding a Recitation Passage. The Bible passage should consist of a few Bible verses - you can even just do a single verse if you want - chosen from the New Testament or from the Septuagint. You need to find an English translation of these verses, and include that in your posting at the Discussion Board.

Beginning in Week 10, your reading must be at least 15 words long in Greek.

Get the Greek. You then need to find the Greek for this passage, including accent marks.

Create a text file. Create a text file as you do for your weekly compositions. This file should contain the Bible book title, chapter and verse numbers, the Greek text (with accent marks), and the English text.

Create audio recording. Following the same steps as you did for the audio recording in the Orientation Week, you need to create an audio recording of your voice reading the Greek passage. Please read SLOWLY. The more slowly and carefully you pronounce the words, the better it will sound. You might want to practice the passage several times before you start recording so that you feel comfortable with all the words. Make sure you save the MP3 audio file in a folder you have created where you are saving all the work for this class.

Send email. Send an email to the instructor with the text file AND the mp3 audio file attached. The subject line should read "Biblical Greek Audio Recitation".

When you are done, don't forget to do the Declaration for this assignment.

Audio Recitation (4 points). Here is the text of the Declaration that you will find in Desire2Learn:

True or False: I have sent an email to the instructor with a text file attachment containing the Bible verse in both Greek and English, plus an mp3 file attachment containing my audio recording of the verse.

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