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Please answer the following questions in Greek. Make sure each answer contains a verb. You should not have any trouble with the vocabulary, because the words you need are mostly supplied by the question itself! There are a few words you will need, which are listed here:

καθευδω: I sleep
αστηρ, αστερος (m.): star
ποιμην, ποιμενος (m.): shepherd
ζῳον, ζῳου: animal

If you are in doubt about something, you can always post a question at the Discussion Board to get some help.

Make sure every answer contains a verb! You may have to change the form of the verb to match the subject of the verb in your answer.

When you are done, attach the file to an email and send it to the instructor. Give your email a subject line like "Week 13 Greek Composition." (The Composition Key will be made available when the assignment is completed.)

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(the word η means "or")

1. τι βλεπουσι οι ποιμενες εν τῳ ουρανῳ: οχλον αγγελων η ζῳων;

2. προς τινα λεγει ο αγγελος: προς την μητερα του παιδιου η προς τους ποιμενας;

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3. τις εχει το παιδιον εν χερσι: η μητηρ αυτου η ο πατηρ;

4. τις φερει δωρα τῳ παιδιῳ: αγγελος η βασιλεις η ποιμενες;


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5. τις καθευδει: ο αγγελος η ο ανηρ;

6. τι βλεπεις εν τῳ ουρανῳ: αγγελον η αστερα;

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7. τις βλεπει προς το παιδιον το καθευδον: τα ζῳα η οχλος αγγελων;

8. προς τινα λεγει η γυνη: προς τον ανδρα αυτης η προς το παιδιον;


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9. τι βλεπουσι οι βασιλεις εν τῳ ουρανῳ: αστερα η αγγελους;

10. τι ποιει το παιδιον: καθευδει εν χερσι της μητρος αυτου η δωρα δεχεται εκ του βασιλεως;


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