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1. θέλει ὁ τυφλὸς ἐξελθεῖν ἀπὸ τῆς πόλεως θεραπευθῆναι ὑπὸ τοῦ διδασκάλου.
The blind man wanted to go out from the city to be healed by the teacher.

2. τῶν τέκνων ἐν τῷ ἱερῷ κραζόντων ὁ λαὸς οὐ δύναται ἀκοῦσαι τὰς γραφάς.
The children are shouting in the temple and the people cannot hear the scriptures.

3. οἱ ἁμαρτωλοὶ ᾐτήσαντο τοὺς μαθητὰς ἀπελθεῖν ἀπὸ τῆς κώμης αὐτῶν.
The sinners asked the disciples to go away from their village.

4. ἀπελθόντες εἰς τὰς κώμας οἱ ὄχλοι ἠγόρασαν ἑαυτοῖς ἄρτον.
The crowds went away to the villages and bought bread for themselves.

5. ὀφείλω προσενεγκεῖν τῇ μητρί τῆς γυναῖκός μου ὕδωρ πίνειν.
I must bring my mother-in-law water to drink.

6. ἐν τῇ ἀρχῇ τῶν ἐσχάτων ἡμερῶν ὄψεσθε τὸν τοῦ θανάτου ἄγγελον.
In the beginning of the last days you will see the angel of death.

7. κακοὶ ἄνθρωποι τὸν ἀπόστολον ἐκέβαλον ἐκ τῆς συναγωγῆς.
Bad people threw the apostle out of the gathering.

8. κακόν ἐστιν λαβεῖν παιδίον ἀπὸ τοῦ οἴκου τῆς μητρὸς αὐτοῦ.
It is a bad thing to take a child from its mother's house.

9. ἐργαζόμεθα τὸ ἀγαθὸν ὄντες τέκνα τῆς βασιλείας τοῦ θεοῦ.
Being children of God's kingdom, we do what is good.

10. ὁ αδελφὸς τῆς γυναῖκός μου οὐ πάλιν ὑποστρέψει εἰς τὸν οἶκον ἡμῶν.
My brother-in-law will not come back to our house again.

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