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Please answer the following questions in Greek. Make sure each answer contains a verb. You should not have any trouble with the vocabulary, because the words you need are mostly supplied by the question itself! If you are in doubt about something, you can always post a question at the Discussion Board to get some help.

When you are done, attach the file to an email and send it to the instructor. Give your email a subject line like "Week 12 Greek Composition." (The Composition Key will be made available when the assignment is completed.)

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(the word η means "or" and the word που means "where?" )

1. που βαπτιζει ο Ιωαννης τον Ιησουν: εν τῃ ερημῳ η εν τῃ πολει;

2. που εστιν ο θεος: επι της γης η εν τοις ουρανοις;

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3. βλεπεις οχλον ανθρωπων η αγγελων;

4. που εστιν ο Ιωαννης: εν τῳ υδατι η επι της γης;

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(the word τις means "who?" and the phrase εν τινι means "in what?" )

5. τις βαπτιζεται: ο Ιωαννης η ο Ιησους;

6. εν τινι βαπτιζεται ο Ιησους: εν υδατι η εν πυρι;

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7. που εστιν ο Ιησους: εν τῳ υδατι η επι της γης;

8. τις εκ των ουρανων λεγει;


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(the word τι means "what?" and the phrase ως περιστερα means "like a dove")

9. τι καταβαινει εκ του ουρανου ως περιστερα;

10. τις εχει το ιματιον του Ιησου;





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