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9.56 Forms of the Present Passive Indicative

The forms of the passive and the middle are the same in the present system, so the endings for the present passive are identical to the endings for the present middle which you just learned.

So here is a chart showing those same endings again, but this time comparing the active and passive forms side by side. Please also make sure you study these sample sentences which show active and passive verbs transformed.

Stem Active
Form Meaning   Passive
Form Meaning
βαπτιζ- ω βαπτίζω I baptize, I am baptizing   ομαι βαπτίζομαι I am baptized, I am getting baptized
βαπτιζ- εις βαπτίζεις you baptize, you are baptizing  
βαπτίζῃ you are baptized, you are getting baptized
βαπτιζ- ει βαπτίζει

she baptizes,
he is baptizing

  εται βαπτίζεται she is baptized, he is getting baptized
βαπτιζ- ομεν βαπτίζομεν we baptize, we are baptizing   όμεθα βαπτιζόμεθα we are baptized, we are getting baptized
βαπτιζ- ετε βαπτίζετε you baptize, you are baptizing   εσθε βαπτίζεσθε you are baptized, you are getting baptized
βαπτιζ- ουσι βαπτίζουσι they baptize, they are baptizing   ονται βαπτίζονται they are baptized, they are getting baptized


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