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Course Requirements

Hopefully you have gotten a sense of some of the tools and resources that you will be using in this online Latin course. Now I'd like to ask you to take a half-hour or so to read through some of these course documents:

  • Become familiar with the Goals for this course.
  • Read about the Topics we will be covering.
  • Make sure you understand what the Weekly Activities will be for this course
  • Understand the Grading system
  • Make sure you understand the university's policy on Academic Integrity

Assignment: After you have read over these documents carefully, please cut and paste the contents of the following paragraph into an email to the instructor, filling your name in the blank. Please feel free to add any questions or comments that you might have at the bottom of the paragraph.

I, ___________________ , am a student enrolled in Medieval Latin Online which is a fully online course.

I know that there are no scheduled class meetings and that I am responsible for spending 6-8 hours each week on work for this class.

I understand that I will have assigned Latin reading and writing assignments every week.

I understand that we will use Blackboard for class discussions and quizzes.

I understand the point system used for grading, which requires that work be completed on time each week.

I understand the due dates for the different types of assignments. If my work is going to be late, I will write and ask for an extension before the due date.

I will check my email on a daily basis Monday through Friday.

Please add any comments or questions you would like to share with the instructor:

And that's all: you are finished with the orientation activities for Week 1 of the course - yeah!

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