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Academic Integrity

It is very important that you understand the rules for Academic Integrity at the University of Oklahoma. These rules apply to an online course, just as they do to a traditional classroom-based course. Please make sure that you read the Student's Guide to Academic Integrity at the Provost's website.

Here are some special observation about this course:

1) English translations. If you need to consult an English translation when you are reading the Latin, go ahead and do that! No problem at all! At the same time, you should also be aware that some weeks we will be reading texts that have never been translated into English -- pretty cool, huh? In other cases, the only translations available are old 19th-century translations that are written in a style of English that is almost as weird as the Latin! In any event, there is nothing wrong with consulting an English translation, provided that you are using it to guide your reading and understanding of the Latin text.
After all, unlike most Latin classes you have taken, in this course you will not be asked to translate the Latin into English. (Did you notice that in the list of Weekly Activities? No translations are ever turned in to me.) I am never going to ask you to do English translations in this class. Why? This is not an English class, that's why! The goal is for you to understand the Latin, to think about the Latin and to use the Latin. If an English translation helps you with the Latin, go ahead and take a look.

2) Online quizzes. You are allowed to take the online Blackboard quizzes as often as you want, and the computer will record your most recent score. Plus, you may use your notes and a dictionary to take the online quizzes.
Also, the quiz questions can be found on the course website in advance of the quiz. This is because the quizzes are meant to help you study: they are not an effort to trip you up! These quizzes are simply a way for you to show me that you have studied the material: they are not meant to be a secret guessing game.
The main reason I put the questions on the website is so that you can print out the quiz first, answer the questions, and then log on to Blackboard to enter your answers to the quiz online. (I don't want you to have trouble with the quizzes just because of the online environment: if you feel more comfortable with paper and pencil, that is fine!)
So, it is not cheating to use notes to take the quiz -- but it is cheating if you ask someone to log on and take the quiz for you. So: please do not do that!

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