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QUIA Games

QUIA is a website where teachers can create games and practice quizzes for their students to take. Teachers pay a small fee for this service, but it is free for students. I have created a page of QUIA games and exercises for this class, which you will find here:

This is primarily for non-OU students who want to take this online course; since they cannot log on to Blackboard, I can make some games and quizzes available to them here. These games and quizzes will also be available to OU students, of course! You are not required to use the QUIA site, but you might find that you like the way that the QUIA games and quizzes work. Personally, I much prefer it to Blackboard. It is a great way to practice vocabulary, for example! You get immediate feedback here, but it is all for your own learning - no grades!

Assignment: Go to the QUIA site and try out the set of Vocabulary games for next week's vocabulary: Week 2 Vocabulary. Try out the Flash Cards, the Matching game, the Concentration Game, and the Word Search. Then, send me an email ( and tell me what you think of QUIA. At a minimum, let me know what you think of these four activities (flash cards, matching, concentration, word search). If you want, take a look at the other kinds of QUIA activities for next week (Cloze Quiz, Columns) and see what you think. You might also just explore some of the other games at QUIA: there are over a million activities here that teachers have created!

And when you are done playing at QUIA, you are ready for the last assignment this week: the Course Contract...

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