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Blackboard: Discussion Board Introductions

What is Blackboard? Blackboard is a website where you will find a Discussion Board for this class. It is also where you will take your quizzes, and where you can check your grade for the course.

Logging on to Blackboard. If you have not logged on to the Blackboard website, do so now: If you have any trouble logging on, call 325-HELP for assistance or contact the instructor. You should see Medieval Latin listed among your courses. If you are able to log on to Blackboard but do not see Medieval Latin listed as one of your courses, get in touch with the instructor right away.

Assignment. After you have logged in to Blackboard, you will see a button for the Discussion Board on the left hand side of the screen. When you click that button, you will be taken to the Discussion Board. Here is how the Discussion Board is organized:

  • Forums. A Forum is a general topic for discussion. You will see a list of the Forums when you first come to the Discussion Board. Click on the "Class Introductions" Forum.
  • Threads. A thread is a specific discussion inside a Forum. To get a discussion thread started, Just click on the "Add New Thread" to start a discussion. You can add a new thread about yourself to the "Class Introductions" Forum.
  • Replies. The other way to contribute to the Discussion Board is by "replying" to a thread. When you want to join a discussion thread that is in progress, you do this by "replying" to a message in that thread. Reply to some of the other students' introductions, if you want!

Okay! Now that you have mastered the Blackboard Discussion Board, you are ready to create your Blackboard Home Page...

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