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Email is a crucial element in this course: you should get in the habit of checking your email every day. You can use Blackboard to send email to the instructor or to send email to other students in the class.

Every student enrolled in this course has an OUNet account, which gives you access to email and also to a place where you can publish your own webpages. Email is a crucial element of this online course, so please make sure that you have configured your OU email account in the way that best suits your needs:

OU email alias. Your "alias" is your OU email address. The default alias is kind of awkward (my default alias is But you can change your alias to sometime you prefer (my alias is In order to choose your OU email address, go to

Online OU email. You can check your OU email over the web from any computer, without having to install any email software. To check your OU email over the web, go to

OU email forwarding. If you are already using some other email service (AOL, yahoo, hotmail, etc.), you can have your OU email forwarded to that address. To have your email forwarded, go to It takes 24 hours for an email forwarding request to be processed, and the forwarding will affect only new mail that you receive. In order to see what email is already in your account, go to

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