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Discussion Board Etiquette

Basic courtesy. Please be courteous to the other students in the class. You might find it helpful to read your posting out loud before you submit it: the "tone" is a very important part of electronic communication. When you read your message out loud does it sound the way you would speak to another student in the classroom?

Getting to know each other. Pay attention to the name of the student you are responding to: you can click on the student's name and visit their Blackboard profile to learn more about them. Each comment on the Discussion Board is coming from a real person, and the Discussion Board is a way to get to know them.

Sharing ideas. The point of the Discussion Board is to share ideas, not to prove to others that you are right and that they are wrong. Differences of opinion are going to occur in any forum.

Reading and replying. Very often people will read postings on a Discussion Board but not make a reply. So if no one responds to one of your postings, please do not take it as some sort of snub. At the same time, if you think someone has posted a really good comment, it is perfectly acceptable to submit a brief reply, like "I agree!" or "Sounds good to me!".

Reporting problems. If you find something on the Discussion Board that strikes you as upsetting or unacceptable, please be sure to let the instructor know about it as soon as possible (send an email to

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