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Week 4: Evangelium.

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Supplementary Pages for Evangelium

Here are the pages associated with this week's readings:

Christ in the Boat, c. 1430   Mustard plant
Sower stained glass (1)   Sower stained glass (2)
The OU Sower   Christ Preaching, c. 1430
Good Samaritan stained glass (1)   Good Samaritan stained glass (2)
Good Samaritan stained glass (3)   Good Samaritan, circa 1200
Good Samaritan, van Gogh   Good Samaritan, Rembrandt
Christ, by Simone Martini (this week's image)   Christ Bearing the Cross, c. 1400
Christ and the Two, c. 1200   Christ and the Two, c. 1300
Crucifixion, Jean Bondol   Crucifixion, Flemish - 14th century
Crucifixion, Dutch - 15th century   Crucifixion, Belgian - 16th century
Crucifixion, by van Eyck   Death of Sarpedon (Greek vase painting)


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