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Calendar + Random Content: Greek Proverbs - Greco-Roman Myth - Fairy Tales - Arabian Nights
Calendar Content Only: Greek Gospels
Random Content Only: New Testament Images - Greek Letters - Greek Verses - Random quotes from Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
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Content Information Page: Tales from 1001 Nights (Arabian Nights)

See the Arabian Nights Tale of the Day in action at the 1001 Nights website. You can also choose to add a random tale instead of a specific tale of the day:
Tale of the Day from Arabian Nights:

Random Tale from Arabian Nights:

Javascript for Tale of the Day from the 1001 Nights:

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Javascript for RANDOM Tale from the 1001 Nights:

Need help? Here are some tips for Adding Javascript to Your Webpage.


This is a perpetual calendar, with 366 days available. The random selection includes the exact same tales as the calendar. The stories are taken from a variety of English translations, including Burton, Dixon, Lang, Payne, and Scott which you can find online at the 1001 Nights website.

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