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Instructions for Adding Javascripts to Your Webpages

Here are some step-by-step instructions for adding javascripts to your webpages. You can also display the content in Blackboard or any other HTML-driven content management system.

Step 1. Choose your Content and Javascript! When you go to the information page for that Calendar Content or Random Content, you will see the available Javascript(s) displayed on the page.

Step 2. Copy the Javascript. Click inside the text box, highlighting all the text inside that box, and then copy what you have highlighted (Edit-Copy, or Control-C, etc.).

Step 3. Open your Webpage. You need to use a web-editing application to open the webpage where you want to display the Calendar content.

Step 4. Paste the Javascript into Your Webpage. How you will paste the Javascript depends on the type of web-editing application you are using.

Macromedia Dreamweaver. You can use the Control-Shift-V command (Edit-Paste HTML). Notice that this is not the same as the regular paste command. This is a special command in Dreamweaver that allows you to paste HTML code directly into the Design view of the page.

Composer (Netscape, Mozilla).

Recommendation: You will find it easiest to insert the Javascript in Composer if you put inside a table. (You can set the table borders to zero so nobody but you will know that it is a table, of course!)

Now, click with your mouse where you want to put the script (if you are using a table, click inside the cell). Then choose Insert - HTML. This will let you paste the Javascript into the window, using Control-V (or right-mouse click, Paste).

Then click the Insert button to confirm.

Now, you will not see, because the Javascript code itself is invisible. That's why it's good to put the script inside a table - so you will remember where you put it on the page!

In order to view the results of the Javascript, you need to click on the Browse button, and see how the Javascript is displayed by your browser.

Normal view in Composer (the script is invisible):

Browser view (you see the results of the script!):

Blackboard. You need to open Blackboard, and decide where you will want to put the Calendar Content. You can place the Content anywhere in Blackboard that allows you to enter HTML code: in the Announcements area, in the Course Documents area, etc.

When you have chosen your location, just click inside the text box, and press Control-V (Edit-Paste). You will see the Javascript code displayed.

Make sure you click the HTML button below the text box!

You can also type more information or additional HTML code in the box if you want.

You will then see the Calendar Content displayed in Blackboard: