Hands-On: Add Content to Table

To add content to the table file created by the computer, you will want to use an HTML-editor, such as Composer or Nvu (Nvu is a great free program available for Windows, Macs, and Linux). You can also use a commercial product, such as Dreamweaver.

Here are instructions for using Composer to add content to the file:

1. Open the Composer program. To do this, open the Netscape browser or Mozilla browser on your computer, and then go to the Windows menu and select Composer.

2. Open the table file. To open the table file, choose File-Open in Composer, browse to the Desktop, and open the file that you saved there.

3. Add content. You can create any kind of content you want in the table cells. You can also add more table cells if you want (make sure you type the word "random" in the left-hand cell if you do that). You can also delete rows if you decide you do not want to use all five rows. For this example, I am going to type the names of ice cream in the cells.

4. Save the file. Click on the Save icon (or use File-Save) to save the new version of the file. After you save the current version, the Save icon will be greyed out.

Now you are ready to use the Rotating Content Tool to convert your content to a script.













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