Hands-On: Create Random Content Table

So, now we will start to build our "ice cream script" using the Rotating Content Tool. The first step is to have the Tool create an HTML table to fill in with random ice cream content.

1. Go to the Rotating Content Tool. You can type the address r9tools.com in your browser, and then click on the link for the Rotating Content Tool.

2. Choose Random content option. Under the Create Content options, choose Randomized.

3. Choose number of items. In the box provided, type 5 as the number of items, and click Create Template.

4. Save the table file. The Rotating Content Tool will prompt you to right-mouse click on the link so that you can Save Target As. When prompted, save the file to the desktop. You can change the name of the file if you want, or you can leave it as the numbered file which is generated by the Tool.

Now that you have saved the table file to your computer, you are ready for the next step, which is to add your content to the file.













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