Hands-On: Convert Table to Script

To convert your content file to a script, you will go back to the browser window where you have the Rotating Content Tool open. If you closed that window, go to r9tools.com and select the Randomized Content option.

1. Convert Template to Script. On the right-hand side of the screen, you will see a box which contains your options at this point. You are ready to choose option #4, Convert Template to Script.

2. Convert to Javascript. First, make sure you select the Javascript option by clicking on the radio button. Then browse to the desktop and then select your file. When you are done, click Open to choose the file, and then click the Convert button to convert the file to a script.

3. Save the script. When prompted, right-mouse click on the link to the script, and choose Save Target As. You can then save the file to the desktop, using the numeric name supplied by the Tool, or choosing a different name if you want. If you give the file a new name, make sure you use lower-case letters and no spaces or punctuation. For example: icecream.

Now that you have saved the script you are ready to use it in a webpage.













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